Sample Blog Post

You know that mobile access to your website is essential.

You know that many people today—Millennials in particular—prefer to do their shopping and research on their mobile device.

Half (or more) of your website traffic is on a mobile device…

Yet you haven’t done anything about it.

I’m not just talking about making sure your website works right on a mobile phone—that’s a given…

I’m also talking about optimizing it for conversion on mobile devices.

If you know that opening up easy mobile access to your website is crucial, why haven’t you taken any action to make sure it effectively converts users into leads yet?

Maybe it’s because until now, it’s only been a vague idea—something in the “ether” that you never really cared to address. I mean after all, isn’t it looking decent on a smartphone or tablet enough?

Actually, it’s not, and today, we’re going to change that.